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London Dungeons Dreadful (Halloween 2009) – J Brand 10′ Twill Black/White Tie Dye Pencil Leg Skinny Jean in Oz and Whitley Kros oversized cropped Tiger T-shirt

28 Jun

miranda cosgrove london dungeon 07


miranda cosgrove london dungeon 08

Miranda Cosgrove dresses in a punk cat costume, featuring the J Brand 10′ Twill Black/White Tie Dye Pencil Leg Skinny Jean in Oz and Whitley Kros oversized cropped Tiger T-shirt!

I have the shirt but it’s in a whiter color (as seen above) and it seems that it’s sold out…but I got mine on eBay! I have a feeling Miranda hand dyed hers, or something of the sort. The pants are also widely available on eBay!

Miranda Cosgrove gets catty as she poses next to an old witch visiting London Dungeons with her mom and pals on Halloween night (October 31).

The 16-year-old actress, who is promoting iCarly across Europe, shared that dressing as a cat was a last minute decision.

Miranda tweeted, “Happy Halloween!!! Turns out people do celebrate Halloween in London! I’m gonna get a last minute costume together. I dressed up as a cat! My entire nose is black! I’m going to the London Dungeons! It’s supposed to be haunted! This Halloween is gonna rock.”

Londons Dungeons recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a grimly comedic, ‘gallows humour’ style.

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Aww, a tail! ;]

miranda cosgrove london dungeon 10

Buddha’s Belly – Whitley Kros Stars Tee, TopShop Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans, and Betsey Johnson BJ 195 Raven Smoke Sunglasses

18 Jun

Whitley Kros Stars Tee Profile Photomiranda cosgrove torn up 04

TopShop Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans PhotographMiranda Cosgrove and Whitley Kros Stars Tee Photograph

miranda cosgrove torn up 08

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted after eating lunch at the Buddha’s Belly in LA, while wearing a Whitley Kros Stars tee and Topshop Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans.

Top and Jeans both sold out.

Sporting destroyed jeans, Miranda Cosgrove is all smiles as she finishes up lunch at Buddha’s Belly in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (September 22).

After leaving the restaurant, the 16-year-old iCarly cutie revealed to prying paparazzi that she would be getting her first car soon — a Toyota Pruis!

Miranda tweeted earlier this afternoon, saying, “Went to a fitting for the teen vogue party on Friday! It’s gonna be so funn.”

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miranda cosgrove torn up 07miranda cosgrove torn up 06

miranda cosgrove torn up 10miranda cosgrove torn up 01

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