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Follow me on Instagram!!

12 May

Hey everyone!

I will be making a few posts soon :) :)

Please follow me on Instagram! I sometimes post Miranda related stuff but it’s mostly just me and my clothes/fashion stuff. Some of it is clothes Miranda owns! :D

Please follow!

Either go to the following links (doesn’t matter which!) and log into your instagram and follow, or manually find me on your iphone/android by searching for iomoo!



It means a lot, thanks guys!




Update: New Contact/Submit form!

2 Aug

Hi there everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the new spottings I’ve posted. I promise there is more to come!

I have added a new feature at the top of the page, which is the Contact/Submit form!

You can send me General Questions, Submit a Spotting, Find a Spotting, Comments, Concerns, and anything else you’d like to ask me through that page! There’s a form at the bottom :)

So if you happen to spot something of Miranda’s, or need help finding something, or just want to leave me a nice comment, let me know through there!

Click here to send a question/etc now!

Please share this blog, and click here to tweet about me! :)


Update on Photo Link Problems

11 Jul

Hey there readers and lovers of Miranda Cosgrove!

I just realized that something has been messing with my posts and if you try to click on the images sometimes it opens the one next to it.

This is because of broken coding, and it’s my fault….I’m sorry!

I’m not gonna go back and change all of them, but what you have to do to see the zoomed in version is you have to right click the image you want, and select ‘Open Image’. Not ‘Open in New Tab’ or ‘Open Link’, but ‘Open Image’.

From now one this won’t be a problem, but I just wanted to let you know if you’ve been having difficulties!

Can’t wait to post more of Miranda ;)



PS: Be sure to follow my new Twitter account, MirandaC_Style!