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Jun 1 iCarly Runthrough – Splendid Tropical Striped Tank Top

8 Aug

Miranda Cosgrove wears the Splendid Tropical Striped Tank Top at a future iCarly rehearsal.

$68 at Splendid

Pic Tweeted by @DanWarp:

“Pic! Just taken 60 seconds ago! Here’s some iCarlys on the set with super-fan@CindyKay618http://twitpic.com/9rqjdr

so basically, a really creepy person who was on set or something haha

Tweeted later:

Pic! Just taken, 30 seconds ago, at the iCarly run-through! http://twitpic.com/9rqlok 

And then tweeted:

“Here’s what’s happening RIGHT NOW at the iCarly run-through! http://twitpic.com/9rqbel 

Twitpic; Going over lines in Pajamas – Forever 21 Dapper Panda French Terry Top

25 Mar

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted wearing the Forever 21 Dapper Panda French Terry Top while going over lines in her pajamas on March 20, 2012! 

Buy the sweater now for $17.80! :)

She tweeted,

“Going over my lines in my pajamas…photo cred to @danwarp ;) “

Watch a video of her going over her lines! Dan tweeted:

“Video! This is Miranda, last night, learning her lines (in front of her room set) for this week’s iCarly episode! “

Twitter Pic; Making Homemade Pizza and DanWarp Video – Free People Marled Yarn Pullover in Mocha

19 Dec

Miranda Cosgrove wears the Free People Marled Yarn Pullover in Mocha while making homemade pizza with friends on November 29th!

It’s sold out online but available in various Free People retailers. If you want the off the shoulder look Miranda has, purchase up a size! I happen to have the same sweater (I didn’t really realize it until I saw the pictures!) and mine doesn’t hang off the shoulder because I bought it true to size.

She tweets on November 29, 2011:

“Making homemade pizza with friends! http://lockerz.com/s/160736630”

Then, a few minutes later, tweets:

“Just outta the oven! First homemade pizza I’ve ever had :-P http://lockerz.com/s/160736858”

Sounds fun!

She ALSO wore this sweater in on of @DanWarp‘s videos, “Victorious + A Little iCarly Surprise = YES!

Miranda and Jennette appeared at the very last few seconds of the video.

Check it out below. Pictures:


4 Sep

Hi everyone! If  you don’t follow my main blog, which you should, you wouldn’t know that Miranda Cosgrove TWEETED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[see the original post here]

It TOTALLY made my year!



It seems that she was on twitter and was thanking all the major fan accounts for her and came across mine!

I figure that because i never tweeted her or even used my twitter for the past week so it was a surprise to me!

She randomly tweeted me and wrote ‘Love your page! Thanks!’

Randomly, as in, I hadn’t tweeted her for like a week! 

Read from bottom to top.


i honestly don’t know how to feel. i’m kind of flipping out but playing it cool, i don’t want to cry but i want to express how happy that makes me. it means she ACTUALLY saw my page for her!
regardless of if my blog happens to be a place to find exacts for her clothing…[lol]

i’m SO happy she likes it! that is SO beast!

that means that on September 2, 2011, Miranda Cosgrove visited this website.


Standing in front of the iCarly Billboard – Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Josephine Dot Top and Fiorentini & Baker Eternity Boots

1 Aug

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted wearing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Josephine Dot Top in red and the famous Fiorentini & Baker Eternity boots that she often sports.

@DanWarp tweeted a pic, quoted:

“I took this pic of the @iCarly cast in front of the iCarly billboard! Kinda cool, huh?”

This top WAS available at select Macy’s in April 2011 ish, and now can be found at select Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers. Call your local retailer to see if they have it :)

More Pics:
Marc by Marc Jacobs top

Or buy it in a beige color on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue!

She is also wearing it here; found on tumblr, I don’t know what she was doing at the time.

And if you’re curious, Jennette is wearing the BDG Letterman jacket in red. Interesting fact: Jennette is wearing the exact same outfit in the first photo as she is with the iMeet the First Lady. Cool!

Twitpic; After Rihanna’s Performance at Staples Center – Rihanna Shh T-Shirt

12 Jul

Rihanna Shh T-Shirtcaption

Miranda Cosgrove wears the Rihanna Shh T-Shirt the day after she went to her concert at the Staples Center.

I thought the jacket was Current Elliott’s The Snap Jacket, but it has holes and not snaps…so I’m not sure!

See the original status here.

Buy the T-Shirt here :D