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Awesome, Somewhat Irrelevant Announcement!

20 Jul

Hi there followers and lovers of Miranda Cosgrove!

I just felt like it would be cool to announce that…

I have the Keith Haring by Patricia Field Jeans that Miranda wears in her ‘Kissin U’ video!

I bought them off eBay after stalking them for like two years in the real store.

Here’s a pic of Miranda wearing them, and mine :)

I just thought I would share. If you want to read more, I highly recommend you read the blog post I wrote!

Thanks for reading, expect more spots soon!


Kid’s Choice Awards 2010 Performance – Keith Haring by Patricia Field Icon Boxie Dress

24 Jun

Miranda Cosgrove wears (some type of) Keith Haring by Patricia Field Icon Boxie Dress! As you can see, hers has a different print on it but it’s definitelythe same brand. Strange, didn’t notice it before!

You can buy it here, only in white. I might grab one myself!

Miranda Cosgrove sings along with her guitar player as she performs her new single, “Kissin’ U” as a part of the Countdown to Kids’ Choice! pre-show telecast before the 2010 Kids Choice Awards late last month.

The 16-year-old’s debut album, Sparks Fly, flies off the shelves on Tuesday, April 27th.

(via justjaredjr)

miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 01Performing Kissin U at the KCAs    Miranda Cosgrove

miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 02miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 05

miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 06miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 07

miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 08miranda cosgrove kissin u kcas 10

Kissin U Outfits – Patricia Field’s Keith Haring Collection (Jeans, Vest, Shorts), Dolce Vita Flash, Keith Haring by Patricia Field Icon Boxie Dress, Black and White Striped Chanel Wedges, Ooh La La Tank Top,

22 Jun

In the first outfit of Miranda Cosgrove’s Kissin U music video, she wears the Patricia Field Keith Haring jeans and Dolce Vita Flash boots.

Unfortunately, the jeans sold out last summer. The shoes are available on eBay though! :D

The second outfit Miranda wears features a Patricia Fields Keith Haring vest and matching shorts, along with an Ooh La La tanktop and Converse.

(none of which are available, argh! The tank top is from intermixonline)

I can’t find the stupid stock pic for the shorts, but they’re from the same collection and both the vest and shorts just sold out last week. Tarter sauce.

Ooh La La Tank Profile Photo

In her third outfit as she’s going to the ‘club’, Miranda wears a Patricia Fields Keith Haring sequin tank top (it’s actualy for men) and Black and White Striped Chanel Wedges!! (thanks danielleuniverse)

Tank top available here.

And the fourth outfit that is shown throughout the entire video is the Keith Haring by Patricia Field Icon Boxie Dress dress in white.

You can still get it, here! I might grab one myself…

And the fifth outfit, I think her top is homemade because it’s like a graffiti shirt.

Be sure to check out the music video for Kissin U! Why else would you be here? ;)