About Sara

★ hey everyone! ★
i’ve been a really big fan of miranda cosgrove since she starred on drake and josh!
i especially adore the way she dresses, so this is a blog that keeps track of that.

a little ditty about sara.
my name is sara
instead of being useful i make lists
and i doodle in my planner
and i make various videos and photography
my vocabulary is kinda small
i can make music with plastic cups
i like funny tshirts and dresses

that’s about it

check out the new contact/submissions page for questions, comments, concerns, and submissions!

my personal twitter (@iomoo) for personal inquiries

Miranda Style Source twitter (@MirandaC_Style) for questions about this site :)

find me elsewhere:
♦ personal blog
♣ youtube
♠ lookbook
♥ twitter

that’s about it! hope you enjoy my blog,
and please leave comments :) ♥
♬ ♪ ♩ ♫

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