Standing in front of the iCarly Billboard – Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Josephine Dot Top and Fiorentini & Baker Eternity Boots

1 Aug

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted wearing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Josephine Dot Top in red and the famous Fiorentini & Baker Eternity boots that she often sports.

@DanWarp tweeted a pic, quoted:

“I took this pic of the @iCarly cast in front of the iCarly billboard! Kinda cool, huh?”

This top WAS available at select Macy’s in April 2011 ish, and now can be found at select Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers. Call your local retailer to see if they have it :)

More Pics:
Marc by Marc Jacobs top

Or buy it in a beige color on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue!

She is also wearing it here; found on tumblr, I don’t know what she was doing at the time.

And if you’re curious, Jennette is wearing the BDG Letterman jacket in red. Interesting fact: Jennette is wearing the exact same outfit in the first photo as she is with the iMeet the First Lady. Cool!

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