Visiting ‘The Voice’ at CHOP – Topshop FLUORESCENT STAR PRINT TEE

29 Jul


Miranda Cosgrove visits Ryan Secreat’s Foundation ‘The Voice’ at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on July 22, 2011.

‘The Voice’ studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has been a popular place since it’s grand opening two weeks ago. On Friday, two very exciting guests paid a visit to the multi-use media center, much to the surprise and delight of the young patients at CHOP. Miranda Cosgrove, from iCarly, and YouTube sensation Greyson Chanceboth stopped by ‘The Voice’ to talk with the children, pose for pictures, and do an interview on the hospital’s closed circuit radio system. Of course, everyone at the hospital was ecstatic! Over one hundred people came to the studio, peering through the glass windows just to get a glimpse of the celebrities.

During her interview, Miranda reflected on her career up until now. With major roles on Drake & Josh and iCarly, Miranda has definitely made her mark on the industry. Now that iCarly is over, she told the children at CHOP that she hopes to focus more on her music, giving them details about what it’s like to travel on tour.


I literally was ABOUT to order this shirt a month ago and decided not to!

Of course, Miranda has to have it as soon as it’s out of stock! :(

You can see it here, but it’s out of stock. Nooo :(







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