Reoccurring Apparel – Ash Virgin Hi Tops

18 Jun

A Promo Shot for Stay My Baby

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted wearing the Ash Virgin Hi Top sneakers in Black leather AND Patent leather!

That’s right, I think she has more than one pair because they don’t look the same material.

Buy it at footnotesonline [$175], Neiman Marcus [Patent, on sale $100]. If it’s sold out there, Jildor Shoes and Urban Outfitters frequently restock on these shoes.

There are countless times of when Miranda has worn these shoes, including in 3 of her music videos (Stay My Baby, About  You Now, Raining Sunshine) and many candid spottings! She also talked about them in a live interview which I can’t find, but she was answering questions in March 2010 off her Facebook before she released her album, Sparks Fly.

Personally, I have two pairs (one is old) and while they are expensive, they are WELL worth it!

Miranda Cosgrove and Wildfox Couture Red Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper PhotographTapping her shoe, seconds into the video.

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