Out & About – Whitehorse Couture Smiley Face Gidget Sweatshirt

18 Jun

Whitehorse Couture Smiley Face Gidget Sweatshirt Profile Photomiranda cosgrove smiley face 02

Miranda Cosgrove spotted in LA in 2009 wearing a Whitehouse Couture (now known as Wildfox Couture, if I’m not mistaken).

The sweatshirt is available on eBay, but I have a feeling it’s fake…the smilies are not in the same place as they are on Miranda’s…can someone confirm its legitimacy?  ♥

Miranda Cosgrove keeps it super comfy in a smiley face sweatshirt as she holds onto her iPhone in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (April 12).

The 15-year-old iCarly cutie was seen heading to her math tutor on Saturday afternoon, catching up on her quadratic formulas.

In the next episode of iCarly, “iGo Green,” Carly (Cosgrove) inadvertently builds an illegal nuclear-powered generator while trying to complete a school assignment for an environmental project.

(via justjaredjr)

more pics:

miranda cosgrove smiley face 03miranda cosgrove smiley face 04

miranda cosgrove smiley face 01miranda cosgrove smiley face 05

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