Jimmy Kimmel Live – Imaginary People “Blondie in Stripes” Tee

18 Jun

Imaginary People "Blondie in Stripes" Tee Profile Photo

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted in 2009 in an Imaginary People “Blondie in Stripes”Tee on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Miranda Cosgrove shares a laugh with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on Tuesday night (January 27).

The 15-year-old actress talked with Jimmy about France, her Nick series, iCarly, and how she picked out her first on-screen boyfriend.

Miranda shared, “It’s my first on-screen boyfriend and it’s a funny story, I actually got to pick out the guy that’s my boyfriend. I got to go through the last six guys and I had all my girlfriends come over and look at their head shots.”

So, who got the lucky gig? Drew Roy! Check out the full interview below!

(via justjaredjr)

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